Glennon Doyle

Lindy Nichole

“My purpose is clearer today than it has been in years: Love, Courage, Truth.”

My goal is to create an inclusive and beautiful experience and capture genuine moments during our time together.

For as log as I can remember, I have always had a passion for photography and connection.

Welcome to my life and story.

I’m a born and raised Georgia Peach who has always longed to explore the world and capture beauty in the perfectly imperfect. I’ve always been a dreamer, a traveler, and a storyteller since I was young. I feel alive trying new things and seeing new places.

Thinking back, my passion for photography blew up after a trip to California in 2016 with my sister, where I truly believe my soul came alive. I’ve never seen nature in the way I discovered it there. That is where my love for photographing people in nature came alive in a crazy amazing way.

There has been tremendous growth from that place into something even more beautiful when in 2019 I moved to Denver, Colorado. I was a full time nanny from 2015 - 2021 while also growing my photography business and now my passion is taking the reins.

Nature inspires me.

People inspire me.

Stories inspire me.

Why not combine them?

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a little about me.

random facts

I have 7 siblings.

I am an all around mediator and peacemaker for life (Enneagram 9 here!)

I am a beach AND mountains person, not either or.

When I was younger I learned to ride a unicycle and took dance trapeze classes.

My drink of choice is Gin + Tonic or a French 75. I’m a gin girl, what can I say?

Favorite coffee is a tie between a traditional cappuccino or a well-crafted Ethiopian Pour over. Can you tell I'm also a barista in my spare time?

I love to get in the kitchen and bake for others (rarely for myself.)

I lived in Denver, Colorado for a year and a half before moving back to my home state of GA in 2021.

Lover of nature & the great outdoors!

“I believe the best way to begin reconnecting humanity's heart, mind, and soul to nature is for us to share our individual stories.”

- J. Drew Lanham

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